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A Tragic Loss


I awoke early on Friday morning with a text message from my dad  that  said, simply: “RIP Madan Tamang”.  Uncle Madan and his wife Rita had been our guests in Calcutta only a few days earlier, doing some last minute shopping for an upcoming trip to Europe. Our thoughts are with Rita, Sanyog and the […]

Filmmakers Gina Leibrecht and Les Blank made “All In This Tea” in 2007 to showcase the “hidden world of tea” in remote parts of China. Lucky New Yorkers will get to see a screening of it at the Film Forum tomorrow. From The New York Times: All in This Tea” dips effortlessly into a half-dozen […]

One of my pet peeves is the barrage of advertisements I see on the web for “Amazing Fat Loss Oolong Tea” or “How I Lost 55 lbs With Oolong” or, the most egregious: “Drop 3 Clothes Sizes Fast And Easy! 2 day tea diet. 100% Authentic or Money Back Guarantee.” The advertising must be working, […]

I had loads of fun this morning playing with a tool called Wordle. Paste in any text you want, or point to an RSS feed, and Wordle generates gorgeous visualizations of the most frequently occuring words. Here’s the RSS Feed for our website: And the most recent visualization of our blog’s RSS feed. I’m not […]

Finally. With some new teas too!