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5 articles that caught my eye in October: How to make a chamomile vinaigrette. If you’re interested in cooking with tea, here are five more ways. An impressive list of tea titles shared by Nigel Melican. T Ching dispels a few common myths and misperceptions about tea. A great piece in the BBC highlighting the […]

A big thank you to the Tea Guy for maintaining the most comprehensive and up-to-date list of tea blogs out there in the blogosphere. And now we’re on it.

How do you say tea in…..? Here’s a list of words for tea in various languages. Afrikaans: tee Armenian: te Bengali/Bangla: cha ( চা ) Chinese (Cantonese): cha ( 茶 ) Chinese (Mandarin): chá Croatian: čaj Danish: te Dutch: thee English: tea Esperanto: teo Finnish: tee French: thé (thanks sulz) German: Tee (thanks Arlen) Greek: […]

It seems to be a trend for people to butcher perfectly good words by “tea”-ifying them. I’m not trying to be mean spirited (you can poke fun at The Simple Leaf all you want!), but just wondering aloud as to how far this trend will go. Here’s my initial list. Some are made up and […]

Instead of a “Top 5” or “Top 10” list, here’s my “Top 6” ways to make really awful green tea. 6. Using bad water You need great water to make great tea, green or otherwise. Water with high concentrations of fluoride, chlorine or even hard water should never be used. Using anything other than fresh, […]