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If you’ve ever wanted to become a tea taster, you could probably learn a thing or two from Atanoo Baroowa. Mr. Baroowa sits down with us to discuss tasting, auctions and a whole lot more. Advertisements

Our latest interview features Anand Mandapaka. Anand is a former Indian hockey star, a doting husband and the father of two lovely girls. He also happens to be a technologist on a mission to revive India’s tea industry. Join us as we chat with Anand about how technology can push the Indian tea industry forward. […]

I’m very interested in tea. I’m also very interested in people. Have you ever wondered about the story behind your tea? Who grew it? Who processed it? Who set its price? Who packed it? Who shipped it here? The transformation of a simple tea leaf from its raw form to the beverage we so enjoy […]