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There’s a tea bag protest underway by the citizens of Peoria, Illinois, much to the chagrin of the local postal workers. An interesting way to protest a rate hike, to be sure. Advertisements

The Great Ganesha raises his trunk and speaks to yours truly. Interviewing is fun when you’re not looking for a job!

More good news for tea. This time it’s from from Leesburg Today, the journal of Loudoun County, VA. “It’s the pyramid bags that make the luxury experience complete,” Ramberg said. “Serious tea drinkers are attracted to packaging and products that emphasize the inherent grace in a cup of tea.” I know packaging is very important. […]

A New Theme


It’s Monday, and I feel like a new theme. Edit: We’re back to the old one.

This is an admittedly random post, but I just came across the lyrics to a Kinks song posted here. For christ sake have a cuppa tea!