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The Healer


India and Pakistan have been at odds throughout their histories. Will tea prove to be a healer? Recent developments seem to indicate as much. A visit by an Indian tea delegation to Pakistan seems to getting off on the right foot. And this year, India plans to export about 25 million kilos of tea to […]

In 1929, Sigmund Freud argued that civilization “obtains mastery over the individual’s dangerous desire for aggression by weakening and disarming it and by setting up an agency within him to watch over it, like a garrison in a conquered city.” [link] A recent article by Satis Shroff – Drinking Tea in Darjeeling – seems to […]

On Thursday morning, July 6, the Nathu La pass reopened after 44 years of dormancy. Nathu La, situated at 14,200 feet (4310m), was once a part of the historic “Silk Route”. It has been closed since the Sino-Indian war of 1962. Connecting the Indian state of Sikkim with Yadong county in China, the new route […]