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Couldn’t resist sharing this hilarious music video by David Pogue of The New York Times. According to Wikipedia, “he spent ten years working in New York as a Broadway musical conductor, arranger, and keyboard player.” The experience paid off… I’ve heard there’s something new, A million times more rad than my phone, I too, will […]

Baby Steps


This post has nothing to do with anything. Our website’s Alexa ranking broke the 1 million barrier for the first time, weighing in at a hefty 980,057 today. Does that mean Alexa thinks we have the 980,057th most awesome site on the internets? At any rate, it’s probably not something we need to be particularly […]

Snow in Chicago


It’s only October 12, and winter has begun in Chicago. This was the view from my deck this morning. No, those aren’t pretty white flowers. It’s snow. Time for a hot cup of tea. Incidentally, the odds of this happening are pretty slim. “In 136 years of Chicago weather records, temperatures have failed to climb […]

This is an admittedly random post, but I just came across the lyrics to a Kinks song posted here. For christ sake have a cuppa tea!

One Eye Open. One Eye Shut Originally uploaded by The Simple Leaf. No, nothing to do with tea. Just a picture I took of my best friend, Roy keeping an eye on me. He’s a yellow labrador retriever, in case you didn’t notice!