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The Champagne of Tea. This catchy moniker has long been used to describe Darjeeling’s cachet in the tea world. However, it is becoming abundantly clear that a lot more than an attractive slogan is required if Indian tea is to remain viable in what has become an ultra-competitive global tea industry. Tea in India has […]

The Healer


India and Pakistan have been at odds throughout their histories. Will tea prove to be a healer? Recent developments seem to indicate as much. A visit by an Indian tea delegation to Pakistan seems to getting off on the right foot. And this year, India plans to export about 25 million kilos of tea to […]

In a recent study commissioned by the Tea Board of India, Maharashtra has emerged as the Indian state that consumes the most tea. West Bengal (home to Darjeeling and the Dooars) and Assam — India’s largest tea producing states — ranked 9th and 14th respectively. India consumes about 755.52 million kilos of tea, which equates […]

This was prompted by Aseem, a reader who asked about tea yields in response to a previous post about tea production. Here are some interesting stats I found regarding the differences in tea yields in a few countries. I’m comparing 2002, 2003 and 2004 in India, China and Kenya. Unfortunately calendar year 2004 is the […]

6.2 Billion: US Tea Industry sales (US Dollars) in 2005. 3 Billion: Approximate number of cups of tea consumed worldwide every day. 200 Million: Approximate number of kilos of tea exported by India in 2005. 3.2 Million: Number of tons of tea produced worldwide in 2005. 800,000: Number of tons of tea produced in China […]