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I had loads of fun this morning playing with a tool called Wordle. Paste in any text you want, or point to an RSS feed, and Wordle generates gorgeous visualizations of the most frequently occuring words. Here’s the RSS Feed for our website: And the most recent visualization of our blog’s RSS feed. I’m not […]

The Champagne of Tea. This catchy moniker has long been used to describe Darjeeling’s cachet in the tea world. However, it is becoming abundantly clear that a lot more than an attractive slogan is required if Indian tea is to remain viable in what has become an ultra-competitive global tea industry. Tea in India has […]

So you finally get yourself out of bed after hitting the snooze button for the seventeenth time (it would have been eighteen, had your spouse not kicked you in the shin). Then, assuming you haven’t stopped to check your email en-route*, you head straight to the kitchen to ruffle through your tea collection. It’s time […]

Couldn’t resist sharing this hilarious music video by David Pogue of The New York Times. According to Wikipedia, “he spent ten years working in New York as a Broadway musical conductor, arranger, and keyboard player.” The experience paid off… I’ve heard there’s something new, A million times more rad than my phone, I too, will […]

Mind The Gap


Swedish professor Hans Rosling (bio) uses some pretty remarkable software to show us the links between economic development, poverty, mortality rates and a whole host of other development data. Now you may be thinking, “so what’s new?”. Well, the secret sauce here is that he presents the information to us in very surprising and utterly […]