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In a remarkable role reversal, the UK (more specifically, Taylors of Harrogate) is seeking out Indian planters to help them establish their very own tea gardens! Yes, in the UK. So with a bit of patience, luck and advice from India, in a few years time ‘Yorkshire Tea‘ really will come from Yorkshire! [via: The […]

Yes, Virginia, tea does grow in these here United States. [photo via: If a personal tea tour is your cup of tea, head south. From September 5 to September 7, Denise LeCroy, the owner of The Heart of Tea in Moncks Corner, SC will be playing hostess to what sounds like a truly fascinating […]

Oh, the frivolity of it all. If you haven’t been keeping track of web conspiracies lately – allow me to indulge your curiosity. This one is vaguely connected to tea, as the title of this post (and the screen name of our protagonist) might imply. The blogosphere and youtube-osphere has been aflutter with all the […]

As tempting as it is, I’m not going to comment on the Imus scandal (perhaps GG, a Rutgers alum will if prodded a bit). Anyway, here’s something I didn’t realize — Bigelow Tea is was a sponsor of his morning show. In response to Cindi Bigelow’s announcement that they were considering pulling out, a number […]

Bigelow Tea has just launched a new blog.